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Stroke to Tower in Oklahoma located by USPLN

The lightning network is designed to provide optimal performance for customers and is capable of detecting lightning strikes with high accuracy. The sensors are equipped to distinguish between cloud-to-ground and inter-/intra-cloud lightning events, determine the strength of each strike, and to establish the location of each individual lightning strike.          

Since commencing operations, GPATS has had great success in capturing clients for our lightning location systems and data services. The list of clients grows daily and includes governments, meteorological bureaus, power companies, mining companies, insurance companies, among many others.  




Valuable Information for Weather Forecasting

GPATS understands that forecasters use the lightning network data in order to monitor thunderstorm activity and nowcast thunderstorm impact on national infrastructure. This will support and improve the accuracy and timeliness of severe weather forecasting for various applications providing timely severe storm warnings, improving operational safety, etc. Since our display systems are designed to support dissemination of forecast and warning products over the Internet, or internally via the client's intranet, the lightning network can assure that all authorised users have easy and reliable access to severe weather information on a timely basis.





Critical Data for Aviation Safety

The lightning activity plotted by the USPLN immediately preceding the crash of AF flight 358 in Toronto clearly depicts the heavy lightning activity during final approach and landing. Some experts surmise that a thunderstorm-generated microburst contributed to this accident. It is noteworthy that the results shown here were accomplished without having any sensors situated in Canada. This sensor data was monitored from the United States sensors several hundred miles distant.





Our Clients

       Providing accurate lightning data to 7 major power companies.