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A web based option is a viable solution for many customers; real-time lightning data is displayed in Google Earth™, whereby a feed of real-time lightning data is fed to the Google Earth™ application. Alarm regions can setup, different alert tones for each alarm region can be uploaded and the alarm region trigger history can also be viewed.

The Google Earth™ GPATS website provides the following:
  • Access to the real-time lightning feed
  • Setup alarm regions and receive notifications of strikes within these regions
  • Upload custom alarm region trigger alert tones
  • View historical alarm region triggers
  • Multi-coloured lighting strike data depending on the age of the strike

To use the Google Earth™ GPATS website, a monthly subscription fee must be paid.

The monthly subscription fee can be purchased for one user or multiple users:
  • One license represents one login instance and access to the GPATS data stream within Google Earth™
  • Multiple licenses represent multiple login instances/accounts and access to the GPATS data stream within Google Earth™ on several machines

NOTE: Google Earth Pro™ is required to use this service

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