• Australia's largest precision
    lightning network.
    98% detection efficiency
    Less than 200m location accuracy
    Sensitive to strikes below 5kAmps
  • Pioneers in lightning detection.
    More than 20 years experience and 4 generations
    of lightning sensors. With the release of
    our latest VHF technology we now detect
    across the broadest frequency range possible.
  • Largest historical lightning
    database available covering Australia.
    GPATS has archived more than 15 years
    of lightning data collected over the
    entire Australian continent.
  • Latest software and hardware
    LPS-200 and VHF technology
    combine to provide accurate and
    comprehensive 3D intra-cloud and
    cloud-to-ground strikes.
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    Latest lightning detection technology
    The LPS-200 sensors have been
    specifically designed to be installed
    in remote, low-power sites ensuring
    adaptable installation options.
  • Up to 60,000 strikes per hour
    Protect your assets against lightning
    events with real-time displays and alerts.

Australian Real-Time Feed

View recent lightning strike locations across the Australian continent.

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Global Real-Time Feed

View recent lightning strike locations across the world.

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N. American Real-Time Feed

View recent lightning strike locations across North America.

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Welcome to GPATS

TOA Systems, Inc.'s Australian GPATS (Global Position and Tracking Systems) network was founded with the mission of developing, manufacturing, selling and supporting lightning location networks, and lightning hazard warning sensors and systems. TOA Systems, with its GPATS partner MetraWeather Australia Pty Ltd, are focused on providing their clients with the most accurate, affordable and reliable lightning detection and warning systems available today.

TOA Systems has more than 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and supporting lightning location systems. TOA Systems' beginnings were back in 1983 under Dr. Rodney B. Bent, the founder and a pioneer of Time-of-Arrival science ... read more

Why should you use our services

  • Utilises the time-of-arrival technique to detect calculate characteristics of lightning events.
  • System consists of lightning detection sensors, hardware and software for processing.
  • Boasts long-range detection capabilities.
  • Stores data in digitised form for future analysis.
  • Digitises and stores waveforms of each lightning stroke for scientific analysis.
  • Continually earns international academic acclaim and support.

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Our Clients

We provide accurate lightning data to several mining, railway, weather and major power companies across Australia. We are also an exclusive lightning data provider to the Australian Bureau of Meterology.