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Global Lightning Detection

GPATS is part of a broader lighting network operated by our parent company TOA Systems, Inc. This network consists of over 500 sensors world-wide that provide full global lightning coverage.

The Global Lightning Network® (GLN®) is an advanced lightning detection network providing high quality real-time and archive lightning stroke data to clients throughout the world. With lightning sensors strategically located at international sites, data from the GLN has the timeliness, coverage, and flexible delivery to support critical business operational requirements without compromising quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

The Global Lightning Network is a partnership of TOA Systems, Inc., a pre-eminent manufacturer of integrated lightning detection and warning systems and WSI Corporation, a leader in state-of-the-art weather-driven business solutions.

There are many instances where disruptive weather events put people and property at risk, and additional weather coverage can be vital to improving the outcome of these events. While lightning has significant value as a supplement to radar for identifying and evaluating convective activity, it is an essential source of information where radar is not available. Data and services from the Global Lightning Network are a major component of the solutions meeting these weather information needs.

Lightning knows no borders 

The Global Lightning Network offers full global lightning detection with extensive coverage of Europe, South America, Australia, South-east Asia, including many areas where lightning has significant economic and safety consequences. Data is also available for oceanic and other continental regions. The network continues to expand and be enhanced with additional sensor host sites.

Every second counts 

By taking advantage of TOA’s proprietary lightning detection technology and WSI’s extensive processing and distribution facility, data is delivered without delay, with diverse format and delivery options facilitating integration into existing systems and applications. When time is of the essence, real-time streaming data is available via the Internet in 20-30 seconds from detection.

Complete and accurate information 

The GLN provides the most comprehensive real-time data including individual cloud-to-ground strokes. Since a consolidated flash report can consist of multiple strokes, full stroke data delivers the detailed and uncompromising accuracy our customers require. In addition, our lightning sensors are designed to detect and differentiate between cloud-to-ground and cloud lightning events. Detecting both types of events provides a better overall picture of the storm activity and allows improved analysis of storm development and decay.

We do the heavy lifting 

TOA operates the lightning network and infrastructure; there is no need for hardware investment on your part. Lightning data can be provided as a stream of information to ingest into your current infrastructure, or integrated into products and services tailored to your business and market.

24 x 7 x 365 are more than just numbers to us 

Every minute of every day, you can count on TOA’s proven infrastructure and acclaimed customer support. In addition, the advantages of relying on our lightning data are demonstrated by impressive and consistent technical metrics, including > 80% detection efficiency and < 1km location accuracy in key deployment areas, and delivery uptime greater than 99.99%.

Flexible business approach 

We are committed to serving our diverse customer base and reseller channel, addressing specific requirements while maintaining the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. Lightning data is available with the coverage area, format, and licensing arrangements to suit your needs.