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MIDS is a Windows Application that connects directly to the GPATS network for a real-time feed of lightning data. Alarm regions can be configured and the user will be notified if a strike falls within the desired area.

To use MIDS, a monthly subscription fee and pay a once-off payment for GPATS propriety software is required.
The monthly subscription fee can be purchased for one user or multiple users:

  • One License represents one instance of MIDS installed and collecting GPATS data stream
  • Multiple licenses represent multiple instances of MIDS displays collecting data stream from one instance of MIDS Server collecting GPATS data stream.

MIDS Software contains the following features:
  • A cyclic graph displaying current lightning strikes on the GPATS Server over the past hour
  • A map of Australia with Real-Time Lightning data
  • Zoom capabilities
  • View strike details by clicking on the strike
  • The intensity of a lightning storm
  • Each strike shows the Date, Time (UTC), Latitude, Longitude, Type of strike and the amperage (in KA - kilo amperes) value of the strike
  • 3000 point alarm regions allowing many complex alarm regions to be set up
  • Email alert capability on alarm region stroke
  • Alarm strokes saved to alarm stroke archive file
  • Zoom to last 10 alarm strokes hotspot facility
  • Colour-coded incoming data display and alarm stroke identification in incoming data window
  • Ability to export and save archived data files to formats such as HTML, CSV and text
  • Improved lightning storm movie playback functions
  • A new feature in MIDS4 is the ability to display real-time or archived lightning data within a Google Earth environment with the click of a button!

Whilst all this is happening, the system saves all this information to file, so the user can, at any time bring up the information stored for lightning occurring on a particular date.

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