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Real-Time Data

GPATS provides Real-Time lightning data to two applications. The lightning data is displayed when a strike is recorded on our system and it is sent directly to the application used by GPATS Customers. Lightning activity can be monitored over several regions and users are notified when an alarm region is triggered.


MIDS (Map Info Display System)

MIDS is a Windows Application that connects directly to the GPATS network for a real-time feed of lightning data. Alarm regions can be configured to notify the user when a lightning strike and/or storm are within the boundary alarm region.

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Google Earth

A web based option is a viable solution for many customers; Real-Time lightning data is displayed in Google Earth™, whereby a feed of Real-Time lighting data is sent to the Google Earth™ application. Alarm regions can be setup, with each alarm region having a personally uploaded alert tone to notify the user. Alarm region trigger history can be viewed if the region has been previously triggered for statistical purposes.

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Historical Data

A Lighting Incident Archive Search (LIAS) Report can be purchased from GPATS. The historical report provides lightning data including, lighting strike locations and details over a 24 hour period.

A LIAS Report includes:
  • Search durations of up to 24 hours from a given search date/time
  • Search radius of up to 50km from a given set of coordinates
  • Option to include/exclude cloud to cloud strikes
  • Option to include/exclude lightning stroke timeline
  • Option to order results by date/time or by proximity to search coordinates
  • A list of strikes and their distance from the desired location
  • PDF Format

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(LIAS Reports are typically generated within 24 hours)

Large date/time ranges of lightning strike historical data can also be purchased and can provided in the following formats:
  • Raw CSV
  • Formatted CSV
  • XML
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